We wish you could have had your show, but we will see each other again.  

Stay happy!

Much love...

Mrs. Tyler

LVHS Choir Parents

As hard as it has been adjusting to life without students in my classroom and teaching music in person, I am sure it has been equally, if not more difficult for you to adjust to having your kids at home, quarantined, 24/7. In addition to all of your other roles and responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, parenting, working, etc.), you have suddenly become a full time teacher.

I wanted to reach out and let you know that as discussions begin about fall graduations, and return of music and uniforms to our LVHS campus, I am actively working with our administration team to develop solutions that will ensure student and parent safety.  

This is priority 1! 

We are trying new things, holding online meets and auditions, just getting as much done as we can.  I couldn't do this without your help.  When we come back together, I hope we will feel grateful.  I know I will.  There will obviously be changes. There will be adjustments. But when we finally return to school, there will also be SINGING.

As more specific information becomes available, I will reach back out and share it with you. In the meantime, please know that I am thinking of, and thankful for you. You are more than a "choir" parent, you are someone who is showing your children what grace under fire looks like.

Hang in there and I will have your students out from under your feet and back making music as soon as I possibly can.  

Stay safe & well,

Mrs. Tyler :)

Our 2020 Spectrum Program Photo

Keep your friends of Spectrum in your thoughts. 

 "The Time of Our Lives" would have been a great show!  

Executive Online Officer Results: 

Madrigal Chamber Singers 2020-2021

President:  Magelyn Cabral

Co-Vice-Presidents:  Kayla Roberts & Ashalyn Wilson

Spectrum Executive Board 2020-2021

Assistant Director and Male Line Captain:  Ryan Dickinson

Female Line Captain:  Hailey Rosenthal

Production Assistant:  Magelyn Cabral

Costumers:  Hallie Henderson & Ashalyn Wilson

Concert Choir 2020-2021

Co-Presidents:  Anngela Landeros & Jorge Pedraza

Bella Donne 2020-2021

Co-Presidents:  Jouianna Finley & Laura Munoz

Men's Choir 2020-2021

President:  Ozzie Ramirez

Vice-President:  Alex Bustos

Choir Officer Board 2020-2021

Presidents                                              Vice-Presidents

Magelyn Cabral                                      Jouianna Finley

Ryan Dickinson                                      Ashalyn Wilson 

Secretary                                                Treasurer

Laura Munoz                                           Alex Bustos

Equipment Manager-Chair                     Equipment Team

Jorge Pedraza                                        All Officers

Public Relations Chair                            Tech Advisor

Kayla Roberts – Buddies/Posters          Jorge Pedraza – Web/Social Media

Public Relations Team                            Tech Team

Alexa Romo                                            Christina De La Cruz – Video Concerts/Uploads

Student Voice Committee -Performing Arts Dept.

Metzli Perez

Music Librarian-Chair - Vacant

Music Librarians - Vacant


Welcome to the Las Vegas High School Vocal Music Department Website! We are certain you are going to truly enjoy your experiences this year and we hope that you make a lot of new friends in our choir family. To any of you who are just checking in for the first time, there are a variety of courses to choose from at Vegas High and we're sure you'll be happy singing with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact Mrs. Tyler at 702-799-0180, ext. 4050 or email at: [email protected]


The real question is "Why not join the choir?" LVHS Choir offers more than most CCSD high school choir programs. We know the singing experience as a Wildcat will change your mind forever. Our choir program offers students a social experience unlike any other, and life long friends are only the beginning.

Choirs Now Being Offered:

*Concert Choir - Attends CCSD Advanced Choral Festival - Non-Auditioned

*Bella Donne - Attends CCSD Advanced Choral Festival - Auditioned - for Women Only

*Madrigal Singers - Attends both GVHS and CCSD Advanced Choral Festival; Men attend Basic HS Festival also - Auditioned Ensemble (Spring)

*Men's Choir Vocal Roar - Attends the BHS Invitational Festival - Non-Auditioned

*Spectrum Show Choir - Spring/Annual Spectrum Production - Auditioned Ensemble - (Spring)

*Jazzy Candy (Just Jazz and Ear Candy Combined) - Attends the CCSD Jazz Festival - when available - Acapalooza - Auditioned (Fall)

The LVHS Choirs are open to all students, regardless of your music background or financial circumstance. You do not have to be an experienced singer to join. In fact, we offer vocal ensembles that will interest a diverse population. We encourage everyone to sing with us regardless of their experience. We have spelled out the various choir descriptions for LVHS students, in the Choir Handbook, which can be found here on our website under: Handbook Contracts. If you would like more information on how to audition or sign up for choir, please stop by the counseling office and/or Mrs. Tyler's office (Rm 407) anytime after 1:50 p.m. We'd be glad to visit with you and address your questions or concerns.

The Las Vegas HS Vocal Music Department is about energy, excitement, hard work and school spirit! The LVHS Wildcat Choirs Welcome YOU!

     Congratulations to all who made it into the 2020-2021 Madrigal Chamber Singers. You are all to be commended on going through this audition process at all, especially under these new challenging circumstances. If you were selected as a member of Madrigal Chamber Singers, and you would like to serve as President or Vice-President, please watch for a google form that will allow you to apply.  We hope to post this by Tuesday, May 26th.  Interviews will be held and then the Officer positions will be announced the following week.  We will also be scheduling a Mads leadership meeting very soon.  The meeting would include our section leaders and officers.

Congratulations Madrigal Chamber Singers 2020 - 2021! 

Madrigal Chamber Singers Results


                           Soprano I                                                                     Soprano II

            Magelyn Cabral                                                            Khari Knight-Santana

                           Jouianna Finley                                                            Laura Munoz

                           Hallie Henderson                                                          Vivian Silva

                                                                                                                 Evelyn Smith

                                                                                                                *Ashalyn Wilson

                           Alto I                                                                              Alto II

                          Christina De La Cruz (AII)                                              Anngela Landeros

                          Alexia Franco                                                                 Metzli Perez-Cano

                          Alliya Olivas                                                                   Hailey Rosenthal

                         *Kayla Roberts

                          Alexa Romo

                          Haylee Wood-Prudente

                          Tenor I                                                                            Tenor II

                         Jasmyne Ortiz-Molina                                                     Paolo Harman

                       * Osvaldo Ramirez                                                            Dustin Leavitt

                         Jordan Van Hoose                                                           Raul Salazar

                         Bass I                                                                              Bass II

                        Alex Bustos (Ten II)                                                         Cesar Cardenas-Romero

                       *Xander Diaz                                                                    Jayden Williams 

                        Ryan Dickinson

                        Edwin Eustaquio

                        Khalif Favors (Ten II)

                        Jorge Pedraza

                        Roger Perez (Ten II)

                        Kaden Skilbred

                      * Section Leader

Congratulations to all who made it into SPECTRUM - 2020-2021. You are all to be commended for going through this online vocal/dance audition process. If you were selected as a member of Spectrum, and you would like to serve as a member of the executive board (i.e. - Assistant Director, Line Capt., Production Assistant, Activity Chair or Costuming Team), please watch for a google form that will allow you to apply. We hope to post the form by Tuesday, May 26th. Interviews will take place and then these positions will be announced the following week. We will also be scheduling a Spectrum board meeting very soon. This meeting would allow us to select the show music and theme for next year.  Again, Congratulations everyone!



Sopranos                                                Altos

Ashley Adair                                           Claudia Brooks

Magelyn Cabral                                      Alexia Franco

Jouianna Finley                                      Rashel Gacula

Hallie Henderson                                    Jasmine Rios

Khari Knight-Santana                             Kayla Roberts

Ashalyn Wilson                                       Hailey Rosenthal

Tenors                                                    Basses

Alex Bustos                                           Juvenal De Santiago                         

Khalif Favors                                         Ryan Dickinson

Paolo Harman                                       Adrian Garcia

Osvaldo Ramirez                                  Jorge Pedraza